Friday, September 10, 2010

The Trouble with Morning Sand

Not long ago, I painted the WC the same color I used on the lower half of my dining room. Valspar Morning Sand in satin. I loved it. So I went ahead and painted the rest of the master bath with that color, with the intention of painting the ceilings to match the master bedroom. With the extreme difference in lighting, Morning Sand looked more like Pea Soup in our bathroom, and not in a good way. (Could that be in a good way?) After letting it soak in for a few days, I've decided I don't hate the color. With the combination of the great shower door, the woodwork, the pink tile, and the hardware on the cabinets, it just sort of lends itself to a... dated look. It's not really in our budget (time or financial) to redo all the pink tile the previous owners apparently thought would be timeless. I do, however, already have new hardware for the cabinets. I also have white paint in a semi-gloss finish...

our newly green bathroom:
the fantastically awful contrast of pink tile and Morning Sand
natural woodwork (which really didn't look bad before I painted...)
a cheesy (or AWESOME) photo-shopped "after" to give us all a sigh of relief that things really will look better once I paint those cabinets...
Now I just need to finish with the 10 projects I have left in the actual bedroom before I finish up in the bathroom... Anyone free this weekend?

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