Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hall Bathroom

So here is my general disclaimer that EVERYTHING is still a work in progress, but I figured I should probably start posting some of our projects.

This is our main bathroom/ hall bathroom/ my son's bathroom...

after we tore the carpet out and started cleaning up the dry rot

we (my dad) also took out the sliding glass shower door to install a shower curtain (and make things easier at bath time)new flooring starting to go in (these particular tiles were donated by my parents -- leftover from their own home projects)
you can see where we removed a dead heat register on the right and my father-in-law patched the giant hole it left behind
amazingly, three strips of masking tape were enough to keep my 2 year old out of the bathroom and off the freshly laid tilesgrouted and ready to be sealedI actually liked the green that was in the bathroom when we moved in, but had to repaint to cover the patchwork on the wall. We found this brown paint left in a cupboard from the contractors the bank had hired to fix the place up and decided to use it.
FYI I've already switched out this shower curtain to a white one that works better.We also installed this new faucet.Projects left in this room: touch up paint, install new base trim, new shower head, new toilet seat, possible new lighting
We also still need some new accessories and decorations to finish it all off. Inspired by this little cup/ toothbrush holder, we're planning on a sort of Curious George theme.

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