Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Carpet and My Son's Room

Thanks carpet-installers-who-took-three-days-to-install-my-new-carpet-when-it-only-should-have-taken-one for all the little reminders of why it was so much cheaper to get our carpet at Lowe's and have you put it in.
thanks for reminding me my work is never done...
but we do love the carpet, and having new carpet in general.

Here is a before of my son's room... I got a little excited when we got the keys and forgot to take pictures before we ripped the carpet out. To get the full effect of what this room was like, you have to imagine the dark red carpet is still on the floor...
my husband hard at work removing yet another old heat registerand here it is all patched up like it was never therethis is the only before picture of the closet doors... I don't have an after yet, but we removed them and now they're sitting on the back patio drying. I decided to spray paint the gold trim white to better match the rest of the roomZinsser Bulls Eye Primer -- for obvious reasons
We decided to use these child-safety outlet covers in my son's room because he really can't plug anything into these (he can pull the standard safety plugs out... they just slow him down). These covers automatically slide over when not in use. Because they cost about 800% more than normal outlet covers, we only put them in the one room.
The trim and ceilings throughout the house are painted with Valspar's "Clean White." The walls in this room and the spare bedroom are painted with Valspar's "Sky's the Limit" in a satin finish. I actually wanted a different color, but the woman at the counter accidentally scanned the wrong barcode. I could have had her mix up the right color... but did you know Lowe's will sell you the gallon of wrong color paint for only $5?!! Who can say no to that? Obviously not me, and I think it worked out pretty well.

You can see we still need to put the base trim up and order some blinds for this room. The curtains I got on clearance from Target and I really like how they contrast the lighter blue on the walls. Like I said before, we still need to re-install the closet doors. I also want to refinish the two book cases you see here. I need to get a dresser, find all his hangers, and possibly build a toy box, too

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