Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The New Dining Set

You may or may not remember this post about reupholstering the old dining set shortly before giving it away. Well, it wasn't too long before I got to work on the new dining set. We found a nice table at Fred Meyer -- a size and style we both like.  And then my husband found a dining set (aka set of chairs and a table that's now still sitting out on the back patio) at a garage sale. $35. Not bad.  So here's a little play by play on who I got it all to match.  

 The before...
 ahhh... back when the weather was nice enough to paint on the back patio instead of my dining room
 I used a high gloss black spray paint by Krylon
 Because the original cushions felt NON-EXISTENT, I bought some high density foam at Joann's, which unfortunately weren't quite the right size (but when is anything I ever use for reupholstering the right size?)
 a little cut-to-fit and some spray adhesive...
 then I followed the same steps as last time (staple opposite sides, pulling very tight, then stapling remaining sides, folding the corners like a present)
 a close up of the upholstery fabric I got for 50% off at Joann's
 a few of the chairs have seen better days, so before even painting them, I flipped them over and pounded the joints back together -- but not before applying a little wood glue to keep it all together
 Unfortunately, some chairs were a little worse off than the others... this one is still sitting off to the side of the dining room waiting to be fixed...
 the new replacement dowel is sitting in the dining room as we speak... just like it has been for the past month...
 and a quick side-by-side comparison of the old and new cushions:
 Of course, before reassembling the chairs, I made sure to do two nice, even coats of scotch guard on the chairs... because we're normal people and eat food while sitting on them and sometimes food spills.  Especially for the two year old among us.
 Voila! The finished product at last! Sort of.
Like I said, there's still one chair that still needs repaired, and then there's this great upholstered bench we have our eyes on at a shop downtown...

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