Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Where We Eat

Another unfinished project: our dining room. It's come a long way from when we first bought it. You can see all the splotches of "touch up" paint done with non-matching paint. Classy, right? (the door you see leads to what will be Peter's office, along with space for some dry food storage)
lots of Bulls Eye primer, especially to cover the bottom half
the finished project (still taped up, but painted)
The top half is the same color we used in the kitchen and living room, Valspar Natural. The bottom half is Valspar Morning Sand. Both are in a Satin finish. We left the chair rail and trim unpainted to better match the existing flooring.
I just wanted to point out that someone had at some point painted this breaker box white...
I think it blends in MUCH better now that it's painted to match the walls. We still need to figure out something for the latch. Lowe's and Home Depot didn't seem to have a solution so I'll be scouring the internet later. The guy at Lowe's literally told me to "McGuyver it."
and the dining room in action just in time for my son's 2nd birthday

We still need a new light fixture in here, a window scarf, and some new furniture (table, chairs, buffet, sideboard). Other than that, I think this room is done.

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