Friday, April 30, 2010

At Long Last

One of the perks of finally owning our own home has been to upgrade to a King size bed. The master suite is huge, but the bedroom itself is average if not on the smaller side, so I really wanted to find a platform bed with some storage, so we could get away with just one dresser (which I'm thinking I still haven't posted a picture of yet, but I love it.).

Peter found this on craigslist:
it came with a mattress, but I'm not comfortable buying used mattresses or upholstered furniture... you just never know.

Anyway, we separated all the pieces on the back patio and started sanding...
The previous owner bought it used and had it in their teenaged son's room, so there were some scratches to work out.
I filled in some of the deeper cracks with wood putty.
Then everything got two coats of Krylon primer in White before getting painted with some more satin finish Krylon paint in "Clean White"
My husband set up these boards for me to use for working on the headboard and footboard (and then was nice enough to actually do some of the work on them).
Once the paint was dry, I took some fine grain sand paper (150 grit, I think) and roughed up the edges a little for more of a vintage feel.
The day the mattress was supposed to be delivered, I started putting the bed together and realized the difference between a king size water bed, a regular king mattress, and a California king. This was a water bed frame that had been made to accommodate a California King... which is not what I was told. We cut some press board we had in the carport and were able to adjust the platform for our new bed (which is wider and shorter than a California King). Our only problem now is that the headboard and footboard don't actually attach... I'm still going back and forth on whether or not to rig something or to just put the headboard and footboard back on craigslist... (okay, I'm selling it, I just like to pretend I could make it work)

I just really like how the pieces turned out... if only they'd fit.


  1. It looks great! too bad about the size difference! I saw a link recently on how to make yor own... let me see...

    I thought it looked very pretty!
    Good luck!

  2. Thank you! That headboard looks great. I'm definitely considering it... it might be fun to build one from scratch. :o)


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