Friday, April 23, 2010

The King's Throneroom

Somehow, I never got around to posting pictures of our master bath/closet. We've done a LOT of work in this area, but we still have a few more projects left...

some before's:
notice the carpet throughout...

we took out the closet doors and got to work pulling up the carpet and putting in some cement boards for tile

my dad and husband working to install the tile I insisted on buying for this room (which turned out to make a lot more work than we'd anticipated... tip #1. buy extra tiles because natural stone is more brittle than ceramic and you never know when one might decide to break into a million pieces when you're cutting across the grain, and tip #2 wash the slate before you even get started and it will make things a LOT easier later on)
we washed (and washed and washed) then sealed the tile once before even starting on the grout
this is what the tile looked like after being grouted and then cleaned 3 times with clean water and sponges...
and this is what it looked like after it dried:
this toothbrush and I spent a lot of time together over the next few days, scrubbing the floor over and over and over and over...
Once I was finally satisfied with my cleaning job, I applied two coats of a high gloss sealer on the tile. (Apparently, with slate you get to reapply this sealer 1-2 times yearly.)
We just put the closet doors back on and the mirrors make the room feel so much bigger and brighter.
We also got a new toilet seat (the old one was broken)
and toilet paper holder (it's never been explained to me why, but the old one was removed in the first week we were in the house... no idea why it took so many months to replace it either)
We still need some new/more towel racks in here, and I might paint the cupboards when I paint the rest of the bathroom. We did install a new faucet in here, though (the same as the one we put in the hall bathroom).

Overall, I'm really happy with how it's turned out.

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