Friday, May 28, 2010

Running Water

Before we were even close to closing on our house, I purchased all new hardware and a new faucet for the kitchen. We haven't done anything with the hardware yet, but my husband finally found the time to install the faucet I picked out.

I'd say it's an improvement. The oiled bronze fits better with the feel of the kitchen than the stainless steel. Aside from the color, I think the style is a little more elegant also. Eventually, I think I'd like to get a few bar stools for the breakfast bar, and maybe a small kitchen cart for the oasis that is my kitchen.

On a somewhat related note, my husband also replaced some pipes on the water heater which were breaking down and shooting black rubber bits into the tub, sinks, etc. Somehow, I feel like changing the pipes made the whole water heater work more efficiently. I can take a 10 minute shower now without running out of hot water! Ah, the luxuries of owning your own home.

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