Friday, June 4, 2010

The Family Calendar

Every winter, one of my sister-in-laws puts together a family calendar that includes pictures of everyone in the family and gives them out as gifts. In all the time that we've been married, and in all the places we've lived, we've never really had a good place to hang ours. Now that I have space to put something together, I finally did something about it.

1-12"x24" foam core board
2-12"x12" adhesive backed corkboard tiles
ribbon and fabric leftover from previous projects
the fabric is just a simple linen
I stuck the tiles to the corkboard
then flipped it over and started gluing the edges of the fabric to the backside
a little helper assisted in lining up the cut ribbons
like so:
I tacked the edges down on the front with thumbtacks, then flipped the board over and hot glued the ribbon in place
I bought these hangers for a different project (and then figured out I wouldn't actually need them for that project)
since the nails would be too long for the depth of my memo board, I just used some more hot glue to stick it in place
then I used these stickers ("flair") that look more like buttons but have not-well-centered adhesive patches on the back
and stuck them onto some plain thumbtacks
I centered my decorative thumbtacks where the ribbons intersected
and then hung it on the wall in my kitchen next to the fridge


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