Friday, June 25, 2010

Me + Power Tools = Better Night's Sleep?

With the onset of summer has been longer days... meaning later evenings and earlier mornings. When I say this, what I really mean is, our little guy cannot tell time and when the sun is up, he finds no rational reason (unless he is completely wiped out) to be asleep.

To curb his 5am mornings, we were forced to tape tin foil to his windows until we could get something a little more permanent.
Pretty classy, right?

So I ended up ordering some custom 2" wood blinds in white from Blinds Galore that only took a couple weeks to arrive. And so I set to work. Here is the end result:
a huge mess
the bit I used to pre-drill the holes for the bracket screws holding up the blinds
the finished product - up
temporary solution for keeping the cords out of my son's reach
the finished product - down

So at least that's one more project I can mark off the to-do list.

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