Friday, September 17, 2010

Another Master Bath Update

Just a little update on the work we've been doing on the bathroom: 
my dining room converted to a workspace while I prep and paint the cabinet doors
I've been getting a lot of painting done -- the ceiling and all the woodwork. Right now, I'm just finishing up some touch up work and the remaining cabinet doors.  
new handles for cabinets

And we even installed a dual flush converter.

From the time we first moved into this house, we both noticed the EXTREME amount of water the toilet in our master bathroom uses when you flush. We kept talking about different things we could do to solve the problem, and then I read this post at Young House Love a while back and we had our answer.  We ordered our dual flush conversion kit off Amazon for less than $20 and anxiously awaited its arrival (or pushed it to the backs of our minds and then remembered we ordered it when I opened the front door the other day and saw it sitting on the doorstep).  My husband installed it one day while I was finishing up dinner, it was that easy. So far, we haven't had any problems and it's saving us a LOT of water.  Hooray for all the eco-friendly/DIY-friendly/easy-on-your-wallet-friendly gadgets people are coming up with these days.

I'm getting very close to done with this bathroom and then on to our next project: a shed in the backyard!  Having a place to store things like yard tools, Christmas decorations, camping equipment and the like is going to free up SO much space in the house... we can hardly wait.

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