Friday, April 8, 2011

A Shower Curtain for My Monkey

About a year ago, I wrote here that I replaced the brown and blue shower curtain in the hall bath (my son's bathroom) with a plain white curtain... with the intention of adding some Curious George type embellishments.  In the middle of February, I FINALLY did it.  Instead of Curious George, though, I used the Monkeys from the shower curtain hooks I got from Target that hadn't been working out.  I also used some green upholstery fabric to trim the edges of the curtain and add a little more color to the room.  

One afternoon, while my son was napping, I laid the curtain out on my living room floor, tossed all 12 monkeys in place and sewed them on (you can see the thread where their arms and legs meet their little bodies)

 And even though I think the brown on the walls is far less bleh with the addition of some color to the room, I think I'm pretty well decided on painting the lower portion Weathered Glass. 

I also need to repaint all the white above the chair rail (we never did that because I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted to do for paint in the room), and change out some of the fixtures, including a new fan. I also want a little more storage and I have a picture to hang, but then we'll finally be done with one of our rooms. I hope. 

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